Local authorities solutions (Education health and care plans)

You can have your plans online and accessible to all approved stakeholders; Our system includes the facilities for your SEN team to:

  • Have your education health and care plans all accessible at the same time by social workers, supervisors, teachers, schools, carers and anyone you nominate as a stakeholder.
  • Make private or public notes on the file and upload supporting documents.
  • Show agreement of all items / actions negotiated,
  • End lost letters or pages misplaced in files.
  • Keep all actions audited for your compliance.
  • Be confident of the highest security and GPDR compliant. The use of cloud has been approved in the UK by Department of Health and Social Care
  • Receive an automatic notification of any change in the plan.

The template sections below will be available on opening a new file. They are then individualised and additional supporting documents uploaded.

Section A: The views, interests and aspirations of the child and their parents, or of the young person
Section B: A description of the child/young person’s special educational needs
Section C: Child/young person’s health needs
Section D: Child/young person’s social care needs
Section E: The outcomes we want for the child or young person
Section F: The special educational provision needed to achieve these outcomes
Section G: Health provision
Section H: Social care provision
Section I: The name and type of educational placement for the child/young person. Please note these details are not in a draft plan, only in the final plan.
Section J: Identifies the funding for the special educational provision
Section K: Lists the advice and information gathered during the EHC needs assessment

Eliminate mistakes and track the history of every collaboratively developed document from start to finish.

    Used in conjunction is the Trokt Tracker App which may be used for social workers, fostering, property, or any tasks the Council manages

Features of the platform are the

  • ability to quickly and easily add all stakeholders to an issue
  • open and transparent consultation and negotiation among all parties
  • relevant documents and information in one place and available to every one at the same time
  • real time status of the approval process showing the progress made to-date
  • robust evidence of what has been agreed throughout the process

Authority benefits

      • by transparent and efficient decision making and resolution for all stakeholders
      • include reducing the risk of errors and miscommunication
      • by creating a robust and easy to manage version control of all documents and relevant notes
      • through empowering all stakeholders in an inclusive decision making process
      • due to reduced potential for perceived discrimination
      • by easy reference to decisions and amendments already made as an agreement is processed through to conclusion
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